“Don’t Forget the Pedagogy”

Hello, everyone!

Those of you who have known me for some time will know how deep into technology I am. On the other hand, I’m also probably as deep into ELT methodology. Much of my life revolves around these two “-ogies” and I’m interested in reflecting on how the first affects the latter and vice-versa. In my “Interactive White Elephant?” talks this year there have been great opportunities to gauge the reactions and attitudes of fellow teachers when probed (challenged?) in their pedagogical beliefs. Clearly such reflection and discussion are timely and welcome since more and more of us have incorporated different technologies into our teaching practices. What makes me wonder is how many of us have been doing so in a reflective manner.

Marisa Constantinides, an EFL teacher from Greece, has recently written an insightful post on the issue here. I strongly recommend reading her considerations and, as the end of the school year in Brazil draws near, muse on what our attitude and approach to technology x pedagogy will be in the coming year.

“Technology is wonderful when it is not the end but the means to education” [Marisa Constantinides]


Fernando Guarany


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