Straight from Going Webby course

I planned two activities based on some “Going Webby course” ideas. The first one was an online activity which the sts wouls create their own cartoons. You read it well guys, the is an awesome website for alowing sts to use reading and writing skills. This activity was designed for my tep 2 and tep 4 groups but you can use for adults as well. There goes the email I sent to my sts (you can borrow it as you please).

Hello everyone!
This is our first online activity and it will take you about 40 minutes to do it:

Zimmer Twins and their cat ’13’ need your help to continue their stories, so  I am inviting you to do it!
Time needed: 40 minutes (minimum).
1- You click on this link here: and go to “JOIN THE SITE”. There you fill in (preencha) with some information and you will receive a PASSWORD. Use your password to log in the website.
2- Logged in? GREAT! Now you can make your own cartoon! Watch the video I made: and watch some others if you want.
3- Now it´s the best part: please click on MAKE A MOVIE and in the page click on HOW TO MAKE A MOVIE. Watch a small video teaching how you can make a movie.
4- go back to MAKE A MOVIE page and end up (termine) a story you choose (the YOU DECIDE ones).
5- after finishing your story, please copy the link where your movie is and send it as an email to your teacher or to all your classmates (click ‘responder à todos’).

You will have 1 point for this activity and the best movie will have a prize. 🙂
Thank you kids and have fun!
Dyego Saraiva.

The next is a project in which can take the whole semester. We (my sts and me) had a survey about what was the best way to keep sts producing written texts online. They voted for a group in Google groups ( so I did. Here goes the project:

Any suggestions? improvements? ideas? Just let me know. 🙂

Title: Our first webgroup
Aim: By the end of the semester Sts will have:

–       practised off-class activities related to reading and writing.

–       had opportunities for developing creativity through various activities.

Time: the whole semester
Age group: Teenagers to adults
Level: Pre-intermediate levels to upper levels
Syllabus links: The activities will be connected to the topics of every lesson
Instructions: –       The T will decide with sts their online server for their webgroup: exs: ning, google groups etc;

–       The T will create an account in one of the servers they chose, make a welcome page and the first activity will be an introductory page where sts will write about themselves;

–       The written activities can be for all the group at once or for a group of sts (like producing a text in group so the others will have the chance to comment);

–       Some tasks will make sts get used to the webgroup, such as creating a new topic, giving a reply or adding a new link;

–       The activities can include forum discussions around a polemical topic, webquests, the T can put a quotation so sts can discuss about it, etc.

–       There should be a page for sts suggestions for websites, youtube videos, etc.

Materials: –       Internet available (for the T and for the Sts);

–       Multimedia center for the sts who do not have computers;

–       An account created in any webgroups available online.

Additional comments: –       For this project it feels the necessity of discussing some nettiquete attitudes, as well as how sts will be benefited from these online activities.

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