Cambridge Celta 2010 in Recife, Brazil

Cambridge Celta 2010 in Recife, Brazil


CELTA 2010

When will the course take place?

From Monday 4th January to Friday 29th January, 2010.


At Cultura Inglesa, Recife (Rua Mamanguape, 411 – Boa Viagem)

How much will it cost?

The investment for the course is R$ 2.250,00 (payable in six installments of R$ 375,00 via post-dated cheques). Besides this, there is a Cambridge course assessment fee of R$ 350,00 (payable to UCLES, due on the first day of the course).

Fee for overseas candidates: US$ 1,350 + US$ 200 Course assessment fee (Total: US$ 1,550)

How can apply for the course?

There is an application form that may be downloaded from the web (click here to download this file) Once filled in, you may forward it to the Main Course Tutor (Dominic Walters, e-mail:, or fax it to the Cultura Inglesa +55 (81) 33271910).

How can I arrange for an interview if I do not live near Recife?

In cases where it is not possible to arrange face-to-face interviews, the applicant may make arrangements with the course tutors to be interviewed by phone. Once a candidate applies for the course, the course secretary will contact the applicant to arrange a convenient time for this interview.

Will I get any help in finding accommodation?

The course Secretary will try to help candidates find accommodation somewhere near the school. The usual type of accommodation chosen by candidates are bedsits or flats available in the area. The earlier he is contacted about your interest on the course, the more choices of accommodation you are likely to have. (his e-mail: .)

Who should I contact to ask to make any other enquiries about the course?

Dominic Walters, the course Director:

When is the closing date for applications?

October 16, 2009.


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