An overview on “Teaching English”

When I think I´ve found all the best things on the internet I discover “Teaching English”, a website by the British Council. It was introduced to me by Ana Falcão through her lovely course “Going Webby” and I am inviting you do a “Test Drive” with me:

– The Interface:

The interface is simple and intuitive. The Opening page leads you to the highlights for the ones who do not have time to waste. In some clicks you can find what you want!

– Going deeper:

Ok, you enjoyed the website and would like to be part of the community: Go for it and Join in! But remember: This is web 2.0, pals, so once a member, you are invited to contribute with the website as long as it was made by and for teachers, just like our WEBLOG!

– Try:

I can say that here we can find the ‘hands’ of the website. in ‘try’ session the user will find useful production from other users and try them in class to give some feedback. It is the most pragmatic session of the website.


In ‘Think’ the user is invited to reflect upon the methodologies and practices; It´s the ‘brain’ of the website.

– Talk:

In “Talk” the user joins in blogs, forums and polls to discuss the various topics related to efl; It´s the ‘mouth’.

– Transform:

In ‘transform’ the user will get to know how to develop as a professional or help others to; It´s the ‘soul’.

There  are many other features in this website, just take your time and join in this community which has a huge potential.


4 Responses to An overview on “Teaching English”

  1. Fiona says:

    I know the site Dyêgo, it’s great!
    Your explanations are veeeery helpful!


  2. Ana Falcon says:

    Hi Dyego

    Congratulations! Lots of good stuff on here! And what a great initiative!

    Thank you for your kind words on GW. Happy that you’re enjoying yourself and that you liked the Teaching English tour.

    Keep it up!

  3. dyego says:

    yey, Ana!

    thank you for visiting us and come whenever you want! 🙂

  4. guarany says:

    I’ve used the site for quite some time, mate. And I agree with you: it’s excellent with myriad resources!

    Cheers, mate

    Fernando 🙂

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