Efl geeks and vintage ads

April 30, 2009

Today I have 3 websites to share with you:

– EFL GEEKS is a good website for the ones connected to this new era of 30-megabyte-speed-internet full of gadgets for learning and teaching. It is full of good links to browse and the recent ideas on efl.


This post is for people like Fernando, like Dave, like Steve, like Ercília, like myself: GEEKS.

– Vintage/ old ads!

Old ads are good resource of many topics for efl. You can, for example, ask sts to talk about life in the past; or you can take sts to the lab and they will find car ads and compare these cars; etc.




Why we chose Sponge Bob as your mascot

April 19, 2009


As I was working on our blog’s new header layout, my wife came into the room and saw Sponge Bob on the screen. Quick came the inevitable question,

“What an earth is Sponge Bob doing there?”

– “Uh… he’s our blog’s mascot.”

“Why him?”, she asked.

-“Well, uh, er… we took a vote. Yes, Sponge Bob was democratically elected by some Cultura teachers as the ideal representative of hard work, joy and fun inherent to English Language Teaching. . .”

Of course she didn’t buy it:

– “Really!? How many teachers took part in this so-called election? And WHO were they?”

She had my back up against the wall. I had to come clean:

“Madam, for your information, Mr. Sponge Bob was UNANIMOUSLY elected by BOTH voters, Dyêgo Simpson and Fernando Flanders. Also, after the counting of votes, we both agreed that Sir Dave Mac Dilbert, another important member of the electoral body, would have entirely agreed with the result!”

She left the room.

So, now you know how Sponge Bob ended up on our blog header.


Roleplaying in class

April 17, 2009

Hi everyone, it´s me again (I update this site more then my own :P).

I´ve been seaching for some time a website where we can find roleplaying activities, you know, a PORTAL?  And I DID IT!


RolePlaying can be used in many ways, specially to activate that weird topic you found in your book and you don´t know what to do with that. 🙂 

‘Esl flow’ is favorited here and I challenge you to do the same.


Story strips

April 11, 2009

I´ve been searching for some activities to do with strips, and a good one I found deals with semi-controlled story trips to fill in:


It´s a good idea for passing on to your Sts do at home / in-class activity or lab.


Using movies to Teach Grammar

April 9, 2009

Hi again!

I’ve told a few of you about this site which has movie clips and corresponding worksheets to teach grammar points. One thing I really like is that he tells you how to create your own as well.

Check it out!


Gartic – for vocab practice

April 6, 2009

Hey, folks!

the website “Gartic” has improved its servers in order to gather more people playing. It is “Imagem e ação” online, which means, fun, because you must guess what your mates are drawing and chat at the same time. Now there is the newest ENGLISH-ONLY room, so, why not taking your Sts to the Lab and play a little? Try it yourself, here goes the link:


have fun!