Lions and Toilet Paper

Another two random things from the world wide web.

This made me laugh – a very detailed (with diagrams), well-written blog entry on the best way to have toilet paper hanging in the bathroom. I’m not sure what the English use of this would be, but I’m going to try and encorporate it into my lessons: Click here.

But, this is definitely useful for lessons. A YouTube video with subtitles already on there. If you’re doing vocab of animals, the wild, friendship etc. this video is bound to draw a laugh or a tear. The true story of Christian the friendly lion:

More info:


3 Responses to Lions and Toilet Paper

  1. matt says:

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

  2. guarany says:

    Hi, Dave

    Thank you for this edifying video.
    I’ve just watched it with Jackie and Raphael. It’s certainly drawn more than a tear or two. We often think of English language teaching in terms of the skills or systems that can be imparted; but there’s much more to it than just an extensive lexical repertoire or impeccable grammar. I’ll use the video with my students for fluency > accuracy practice on the topic of friendship. They will hopefully go home having improved their English while reflecting on the beauty and importance of loving others as themselves.


  3. dyego says:

    Dave, I´m like you: can´t stop laughing watching this video. Dunno why, maybe ´cuz it´s kitch I guess. It sounds like the 80s stuff. Hey, but it´s a beautiful story, that is.

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