to assess the grammar topic “Will” for predictions: Pocoyo!

Based on the ideas of Mr Azevedo and his lovely website, I planned an activity to practice the topic “making predictions” with my P1 sts. I don´t know what happens, when I think of a simple and enjoyable story, I think of Pocoyo :). Here goes the stages and for the worksheet, just click here ->will-predictions-pocoyo-future .

Pocoyo: to assess the grammar topic “will” for predictions:

1- Read out loud the header to sts and tell them to make their predictions about how Mr Octopus will cheer them up.

2- Check the names of the characters, the words “bad mood”, “cheer up”, “feather”, “tickle”.

3- Ask Sts to share their predictions;

4- Play video once;

5- Sts in pairs check if their predictions were right.

Video session: Pocoyo!

Pocoyo and his friends are in a bad mood today. That´s so sad =( . But there is someone who can make them laugh: MR. OCTOPUS!

1- What will Mr octopus do to make Pocoyo laugh?

2- Elly?

3- And Pato?


4 Responses to to assess the grammar topic “Will” for predictions: Pocoyo!

  1. guarany says:

    Nice, Dyego, very nice. 🙂

  2. guarany says:

    I particularly like the narrator’s diction.

  3. gringomaclure says:

    The narrator is famous actor, comedian and ex-Oxbridge novelist Stephen Fry.

  4. This is just great, Dyego. Next week I will publish one activity on “will – making predictions” on my blog using the film WALL-E. I still have to upload the segment. Check it out then. Thanks for your words and congratulations; your blog is excellent.

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