What would you take with you if you crashed on the moon?

Dear all,

Here´s a great idea for a group dynamic with lots of opportunity for fluency practice:

What would be important for you in the event of a crash on the moon?

You are a member of a Lunar flight scheduled to land at an established base on the Moon. Due to mechanical difficulties, you and your teammates were forced to land at a spot approximately 400 km from the base. During the landing, much of the equipment was severely damaged.

Your survival depends upon reaching the base, therefore only the most critical items of those remaining must be chosen for the 400 km trip. Below are listed the 15 items remaining operable or undamaged after the forced landing. Your task is to place them in rank order in terms of their importance for assisting you and your teammates to the safety of the base.

Place the number 1 by the most important item, number 2 by the second, and so on through the number 15 for the least important. Keep in mind that you are wearing a space suit. First, do this ranking for yourself, then consult with your teammates for a discussion and consensus ranking.

List of Supplies
Item Your Rank Team Rank
Box of matches
Food Concentrate
50 ft. Nylon rope
Portable Heating Unit
45mm Caliber Pistol
Case of dehydrated milk
Two 10-lb. tanks of Oxygen
Moon Constellation Map
Self-inflating life raft
Magnetic Compass
Five gallons of water
Self-igniting signal with flares
First aid kit with Hypodermic needles
Solar powered FM transceiver

This is an activity used in management training for testing a team´s capacity to negotiate effectively with an established time-frame. Therefore VOTING IS NOT ALLOWED – decisions should be made by consensus.

By filling in the comparative tables of individual results against team results and then an expert result, the groups can see how much improvement they made when they moved from an individual activity to a team activity. The ones with best results (from A to B) demonstrate that they have the best abiolity to work as a team.

Doesn´t it sound like fun?

In order to get all the information needed to conduct this activity, check this website:


Cheers everyone!



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