Second Life and EFL: the MATRIX does exist!

As I was looking for different gadgets used for EFL purposes for our (Fernando and I) speech at CIENTEC this friday 24th ( all invited =) ), I found this weblog with a testimonial of an expert in e-learnig who took some English lessons through the Second Life game. The full text is here,but I selected the best pieces of it:

This weekend I attended an English as a Second Language (ESL) class. (…) The instructor, Kip, separated the attendees into two groups and then asked a series of questions in English using slides and then the participants answered with written English sentences. (…) It worked surprisingly well. The students raised their hands with questions and there was good rapport between the students and the instructor. Many of whom used that medium as their only method of learning English. (…)

The instructor could move the class to a restaurant and have the students order a meal or go to a train station and have them buy a ticket or ask for the restroom or walk down a street in Paris and ask a policeman for directions. The SL environment provides a great opportunity to immerse the learner in the language and the situation. A guided tour designed to help learners speak the language.

How do you see this new ‘gadget’; in a positive or in a negative way? Does it make you think about the future of ‘real’ second language schools, or it sounds just a hype? Answer in the comments!


One Response to Second Life and EFL: the MATRIX does exist!

  1. guarany says:

    Really fascinating, Dyego.

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