As I was writing yet another e-mail, I remembered the conversation Dyêgo and I had had in the Cultura Kitchen this last week about question tags … He said he thought we Americans didn’t use them much, but rather said “yeah?” in place of them, since it’s much easier to say. I had disagreed, but wasn’t really sure why …. until just now!!!!

I just remembered – through authentic materials: an e-mail, of all things – that he WAS right (at least partly) We don’t like using question tags much (I admit: we’re pretty lazy in our speech …. or is it that we have so much to say that we just hafta say it quick?!) …. however, instead of adding on a “yeah?” at the end, we stick on a “huh?” in that special way to get the OTHER ONE(s) (our audience) to respond with a resounding “YEAH!”

For example:

Dyêgo: “So … I was right after all, huh?

Kel: “Yeah, I guess so.”

(sorry … was that a bit too philosophical? My sts say I do that quite often! he! he! he! he! he!)


3 Responses to Huh?!?!

  1. gringomaclure says:

    Good post, Rachel. I like the tags you chose for this post: “huh, question tags, yeah”. Or, should that be: “Question tags, huh? Yeah!”

  2. guarany says:

    Yeah, Rachael, nice post. Keep’em coming, uh?

  3. dyego says:

    hahaha, that´s it Rachel. I myself do not like so much the tags, so I say ‘yeah’ when I want a confirmation of somthin, yeah? I mean, ‘huh’? =)

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