Mad Dogs and English

A bit of a shameless advertisement for a website I started a few months back aimed at “celebrating the daftness of the English language”. To be fair, it has been picked up by some ELT websites out there on the internet and is gaining some momentum so I thought it may be useful for you guys. Basically, once a week I draw a simple cartoon based on an idiom/phrasal verb/homonym which could create confusion to a non-native speaker… its supposed to be funny but it probably appeals more to my slightly warped sense of humour (its like “The Far Side” if anyone used to read that?). You can see it at I’ve drawn 35 already and add a new one each Monday. Some of them you might find useful in explaining a language point, especially for higher learners. I used NUMBER 9 in an Advanced 1 class to explain a phrasal verb and they seemed to like it.

ALSO: The 101 IELTS questions I mentioned a few posts back have now all been printed and neatly cut into strips (thanks to Giane) and have been stored for safe keeping in the back of the Advanced Blue folder of resources in the Teachers Room. Help yourselves! (and then return them, please!). I used them in my conversation club with great results… feedback from the students suggested that they liked having a guideline for what they should say. Happy conversing!


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