Too good to be true!

Hi teachers,
Guess who? It’s me again. As the British frequently say – “sorry” – if you’re getting sick of my posts. But this was too good to pass. I was searching for some IELTS speaking resources online and came across this. A pdf file with 101 (ONE HUNDRED AND ONE!) speaking questions and prompts to get students chatting. They are great for IELTS but could also be printed and cut out into cards for board games – they are listed alphabetically and would be useful for most upper intermediate/advanced/Master groups. I’m sure they could be creatively incorporated into warmers, conservation clubs and much more…
Click here to download the file.101-ielts-speaking-part-two-tasks-about-sports-and-hobbies


6 Responses to Too good to be true!

  1. Barbra Kittel says:

    I will check this šŸ˜‰ XD

  2. Barbra Kittel says:

    ahhh!!! I recognize this ! XDXD
    that’s a very good exercise principally when the teacher is very strict XD

  3. Barbra Kittel says:

    The music wich Chris Martin recorded/sang with Michael Stipe is named In The Sun…
    The funniest thing is that I’m always listening to this music and I today I’ve forgot the name XD

    Your children and you’re wife are very very beaultiful!! Your daughter was wanting to put my finger on her mouth today XD and she also tried to eat a part of my bag XD

  4. guarany says:

    cheers, Dave!

    This is really a must-have, a real finding!

  5. Dyego says:

    wow, this awesome!

  6. […] The 101 IELTS questions I mentioned a few posts back have now all been printed and neatly cut into strips (thanks to Giane) and have […]

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