R.E.M. Hollow Man / CRUSH

Hello everyone,

I couldn’t resist after Steve gave us lyrics to the songs he had videoed from VH1 to say something about the R.E.M. song on there – Hollow Man. If you use this song in your class and the video you might like to know a bit about it. The song is from R.E.M.’s most recent album Accelerate which came out this year. The video was made in Toronto, Canada by an animation group called CRUSH. Click here for an article about the ideas behind the video from R.E.M.’s lead-singer Michael Stipe. Also, I think R.E.M. were so happy with the video that they got CRUSH to make their next one which might be even better. Here it is – It’s got the strange name Man-Sized Wreath and is a very political, anti-George Bush sort of song.

By the way, if you don’t know who R.E.M. are they are a band from near Atlanta, USA. They formed in 1980 and their biggest hits were in the mid-90s: Losing My Religion, Everybody Hurts. R.E.M. = Rapid Eye Movement.


One Response to R.E.M. Hollow Man / CRUSH

  1. dyego says:

    REM ‘rocks ma socks’, Dave. This album is nearly their best ever and the bass lines are awesome.

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