E-Board + File Manager Workshop

Hey, everyone!

This is just a note of appreciation for the very pleasant Interactive Whiteboard + Teachers’ File Manager workshop we’ve just had. I was really inspired by your contributions and ideas:

Dave’s demonstration of Zero-Prep activities was really useful!

Dyego’s dialogue creator seemed very interesting and practical.

Ercilia’s powerpoint had great visuals.

Carmem’s videos of the 2008 Cultura project were great.

Teri’s song and video from the OC series was cool.

Karinna’s game list came in very handy and…

hmm… have I forgotten to include anyone else?

Also, I’d like to congratulate you all on the hard work and beautiful Activ Primary flipcharts created and uploaded on Thursday! Way to go! I’m sure these tools (Activ Primary + Teachers’ File manager) are bound to revolutionise our professional lives regarding productivity and synergy as we are now able to share ideas and productions in a much more practical and effective way.

Thanks again and God bless everyone.

Looking forward to being with you all again,

Fernando Guarany Jr


2 Responses to E-Board + File Manager Workshop

  1. Ercília says:

    Thank you for you generous comments, Mr Guarany.

    Looking foward to being with you too.

    God bless you, my friend.


  2. dy says:

    sure we could have some more ‘sharing stuff’ sessions. =)

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