Lucky 2


A follow-up on the “Lucky” saga was publshed in the paper again today.

Couldn’t resist sending you the link:



2 Responses to Lucky 2

  1. gringomaclure says:

    Great materials which I’m hoping to use some of in my Advanced Speaking tonight.
    On the same theme, I was fascinated by an article in Veja this week of Animal Prosthetics – false limbs, flippers, beaks for animals. Veja aqui:

    Great pics, but it also raises some interesting questions – given the time and expense to give an eagle a new beak or a dolphin a new flipper, shouldn’t we be working on human casualties of war first? It’s the age old conundrum of when and how we should help animals when people are also suffering?

  2. guarany says:

    I haven’t been able to use Steve’s “lucky” packet yet, but from what I’ve seen it’ll make for a great lesson.
    As for the VEJA article, Dave, it appears to me that nowadays it’s become more “fashionable” to care for animals than human beings (as important as animals are, and I do mean important). One thing mentioned in the article though, is that the research into animal prosthetics opens doors to developments in human prosthetics. One thing is certain: this is a very relevant and timely topic which students (and teachers) can learn a lot from (in every way).


    Fernando Guarany Jr

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