They call him Lucky…

Hi all!

Long time no post!

However, if  you love animals (who dosesn´t?), I think you´ll like this set of materials I managed to put together and I´d like to share with you.

Please download them from:

My source of inspiration was a story in a Recife newspaper about a horse which collapsed out of exhaustion in the middle of a busy street and on top of this the owner decided it would give him a beating. He just abandoned the creature there, and passers by, revolted by the scene , decided to call the Society for Animal Protection . Fortunately, this story had a happy ending.

See the rest of the story for yourselves (begin with text: Final Feliz) All the other files will hopefully be self-explanatory for you to put a lesson together on “Protecting Animals from Cruel Treatment”.

This can extend to an even more surprising discussion: What about protecting fish from suffering (see text from the Independent). If you decide to go this far, there is a set of videos on a DVD with Fiona that has a humurous clip called “Can fish remember?” (the answer: Yes!).

Sorry there´s no accompanying plan, but e-mail me if you need more information.

If you´ve been looking for an unorthodox lesson, I hope this comes in handy.                                    



2 Responses to They call him Lucky…

  1. guarany says:

    Hey, Steve
    I’ve finally got the time to fully inspect your Lucky package. It’s simply awesome. Thanks!
    I would like to use it as an example in my talk at ACINE, what dya say?


    Fernando Guarany Jr

  2. Steve says:


    Glad you liked it.

    Use it at ACINE, by all means. It now belongs to all subscribers to our blog.


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