make your movies!

I think you´re all aware of Bollywood, if not, in short, it´s where the Indian people make their fantastic movies (just take a look at the indian Superman (!!)). So! I´ve just found this amazing website in which you can subtitle these movies- imagine: they are funny without your help, and with YOUR subtitles, can you measure this potential?

You can email your Sts to make their own movies (show your video first 😉 ) and send them to your email or publish somewhere so everyone can see them. Great, huh?

ps: Just wait up because it´s a-coming our webpage for storing our stuff. Hooray! More details soon. See ya!


2 Responses to make your movies!

  1. gringomaclure says:

    CHeck this out. A student using Bombay TV -she did a really good job, I think.

  2. guarany says:

    LOL! I’ve just checked it out! [guffaw] Well done!

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