Professor Garfield

Hi pessoal,

Firstly, thanks to those who in whatever way covered for me while I was off on paternity leave. Really, I need to especially thank Fiona, Daniel and Fernando from the staff for filling in and Steve for organising cover. More pictures of Glorinha can be found at that link from the previous post.

I’m sure most of you will know about Garfield, the most famous cartoon cat in history. I read Garfield in Portuguese to help me with my vocab and Garfield comics are a useful resource in English too. I recently discovered that the creator of Garfield Jim Davis has done some work with literacy in the USA and has created quite a good website with language activities. The website is called Professor Garfield. It would make a great e-lesson to do activities from the site. I haven’t even started finding out all the things that are available to do but I enjoyed creating (with the option of printing) my own Garfield comic yesterday…


One Response to Professor Garfield

  1. gringomaclure says:

    I might try an e-lesson with Professor Garfield soon. Michelle did, how did it go?

    Also, as a connection to this site, if you like “surreal” humour why not visit the strange but hilarious Here cartoonists (often with weird and wacky styles) submit copies of Garfield comics WITHOUT the thoughts of Garfield. The result leaves Garfied’s owner Jon looking very strange indeed.

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