Hi everyone,

This might make you laugh or cry. This website is inspired by the way Japanese people say English (substituting the l for an r). Michelle reminded me of this website when she showed me some pictures of funny English signs someone had sent her on an email. One day it would be worth sorting through this website for the best strange uses of English by language level or grammar point. This was recently put in the top 10 funniest websites on the internet by PC Magazine! Apologies that some of the jokes are a bit “distasteful” but most of it is good, clean fun. Anyway, please avail yourselves of:



One Response to Engrish.com

  1. guarany says:

    Cheers, Dave.
    I remember that in Singapore someone once asked me, “Do you have my hp number?” to which I replied, “your what?” “HP = Hand phone = mobile phone.” Also, when asking whether I was allowed to do something, I heard a peculiar, “Can, can, lah!”
    Standard English was falling apart so rapidly in Singapore that they launched a campaign named Speak Good English in 2000. Take a look on their website: http://www.goodenglish.org.sg/ Guess this could be used for a lesson!
    Knowing how keen on different accents I am, you must imagine what a hack of time I had with Singlish!


    Fernando Guarany Jr

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