Pandas: the cutest animals? Humbug!

According to Dr. Dyego ‘Quailman’ Saraiva, pandas are not what we may think they are: friendly, fluffy and cute:

“Nah, nah, nah! Pandas are vicious animals despite their outward appearance of friendliness. One must remember that pandas are bears… and their substantial claws can rip you off in half a second. “

Dr. Saraiva provided our team with one of his rare footages of the fierce animal attacking a naive human being who, like many others, still buys the story that pandas are affable creatures.


2 Responses to Pandas: the cutest animals? Humbug!

  1. dyego Saraiva says:

    hah! Got you evil pandas! fortunately I could hide my camera on time. See? the´re evil! hahahaah! evil! hahahaha! evil! hahah- ok, I stop.

  2. gringomaclure says:

    “You all sure are crazy” as my Mum would say in a southern American accent.

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