“Do you speak English?”

May 31, 2008

Two videos worth watching:


Radiohead – All I need

May 27, 2008

Dyego’s last post on bombay tv is hilarious! You really should try it if you haven’t already! It’s the funniest thing and there are all kinds of options for using it in English lessons…

I just wanted to highlight this Radiohead video that recently came out. The video raises awareness about an important world issue. It could be the basis for a higher level discussion on child slavery/working hours, global inequality, globalisation.

make your movies!

May 22, 2008

I think you´re all aware of Bollywood, if not, in short, it´s where the Indian people make their fantastic movies (just take a look at the indian Superman (!!)). So! I´ve just found this amazing website in which you can subtitle these movies- imagine: they are funny without your help, and with YOUR subtitles, can you measure this potential?


You can email your Sts to make their own movies (show your video first 😉 ) and send them to your email or publish somewhere so everyone can see them. Great, huh?

ps: Just wait up because it´s a-coming our webpage for storing our stuff. Hooray! More details soon. See ya!

Professor Garfield

May 16, 2008

Hi pessoal,

Firstly, thanks to those who in whatever way covered for me while I was off on paternity leave. Really, I need to especially thank Fiona, Daniel and Fernando from the staff for filling in and Steve for organising cover. More pictures of Glorinha can be found at that link from the previous post.

I’m sure most of you will know about Garfield, the most famous cartoon cat in history. I read Garfield in Portuguese to help me with my vocab and Garfield comics are a useful resource in English too. I recently discovered that the creator of Garfield Jim Davis has done some work with literacy in the USA and has created quite a good website with language activities. The website is called Professor Garfield. It would make a great e-lesson to do activities from the site. I haven’t even started finding out all the things that are available to do but I enjoyed creating (with the option of printing) my own Garfield comic yesterday…

Baby Gloria

May 7, 2008

I can’t resist putting a link to photos of my beautiful new daughter. Click here.

See you at work soon but not too soon,


May 6, 2008

Hi everyone,

This might make you laugh or cry. This website is inspired by the way Japanese people say English (substituting the l for an r). Michelle reminded me of this website when she showed me some pictures of funny English signs someone had sent her on an email. One day it would be worth sorting through this website for the best strange uses of English by language level or grammar point. This was recently put in the top 10 funniest websites on the internet by PC Magazine! Apologies that some of the jokes are a bit “distasteful” but most of it is good, clean fun. Anyway, please avail yourselves of:


Pandas: the cutest animals? Humbug!

May 4, 2008

According to Dr. Dyego ‘Quailman’ Saraiva, pandas are not what we may think they are: friendly, fluffy and cute:

“Nah, nah, nah! Pandas are vicious animals despite their outward appearance of friendliness. One must remember that pandas are bears… and their substantial claws can rip you off in half a second. “

Dr. Saraiva provided our team with one of his rare footages of the fierce animal attacking a naive human being who, like many others, still buys the story that pandas are affable creatures.