Use online surveys for students!

Hi everyone,

Thanks to those who took the time to read my ridiculous article about changing the English language. I just had a brainwave this morning which I think will really help any of us who are trying to do more of our English teaching online. If you like those nice interactive online activities that some English websites have (for example the English File grammar pages) now you can make your own!

Basically, a friend of mine from the UK sent me an online survey to do research into his business. The site he used is called and allows you for FREE to create your own online surveys. I then signed up to the website myself and made a trial survey about how people use blogs. (Please take my survey if you have 5 minutes. Click here to take it. It will give you an idea of what the site can do).

Basically, I really think this could be a revolutionary way to do some ELT activities. Some ideas (and thanks to Dyego for some thoughts to) are here: You could create questionnaires that specifically help students revise for their tests, you could give the questions as homework, you could give students a link to a video from YouTube and then ask them to do questions on it with the survey, you could give written homework on it, you could use them as a warmer in class (if you had the datashow with internet working). The negatives are – its another online application that you have to learn to use, it might be time consuming to make them at first (it took me half an hour to make the one above). But the positives are many!

As Dyego just said “this is the new rock’n’roll”.


3 Responses to Use online surveys for students!

  1. guarany says:

    Hi, Dave.
    It’s definitely a tool we could use.
    I’ve taken your interesting survey on blogging. I felt a wee bit frustrated since there was no feedback for the ‘surveyee.’ Of course that a feedback would be possible if you used the survey for a class activity.


    Fernando Guarany Jr

  2. gringomaclure says:

    Good point Fernando. I’ve been doing some looking around on the web for other/better survey/quiz generators which offer instant feedback and will post my findings here too.

  3. gringomaclure says:

    I’m using the survey to help my Upp2 class revise for the test. Students have started filling in their answers which I’m happy about. check:

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