News from the HQ

Hi folks!

In March during an in-service driven by my new friend Alberto Costa we had a step-by-step with Davie and I can say it was very clarifying to us teachers who could be there at The Cultura Mirassol that day; We discussed more about the importance of a website of ours and how to use it to our benefits. We’ve been working these days, as you an see in the new layout and widgets. I’m happy to see people engaged on this project, specially when I see some girls in here =) !   

Changing the topic a little, here in Natal we have the GREAT BRITAIN project going on, and based on what I saw yesterday, I’m quite proud of our kids (pictures soon). This month we’ll also have the TEP ECO-RACING, in which our tep´students will have some fun and learning at Parque das Dunas during the commemorations of the Earth day.

For now that’s all, see you around!

*Dyego Saraiva teaches at CI, writes fiction, is the ombdusman of this weblog and he owes a picoca Bokus to teachers Sueli and Teri.  


3 Responses to News from the HQ

  1. Ercília says:

    Hi, Bob ,I mean, hi Dy. It’s always good when we try to help each other, isn’t? Just like you did during our meeting last week about the Earth Day rsrsrsrs. I promise I’ll be here more frequently as long as I’m also trying to develop my personal blog. But I want a Bokus too. I deserve it!

  2. guarany says:

    Cheers, Dyego!

    See you around


  3. dyego says:

    Yes, Ercília, I watched on Fantástico that you girls speak 4 times more than we men, so as I was only the second man in the meeting and you girls were 4, let´s say, it´s 16 versus 2, and as you speak more than the average girl, I couldn´t compete with this. hahaha.

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