Standardisation / Password Protection for our Productions

Hi, Folks.

Just to let you know that I’m mulling over the easiest way to password-protect our productions as well as a format for our files’ titles/names which allow us to easily locate what we want in the myriad of resources posted.

I’ll let you know soon.


Fernando Guarany Jr


6 Responses to Standardisation / Password Protection for our Productions

  1. dyego says:

    As we were talking in the T´s room, there are 2 ways for this: 1- blocking other people to come here to our website making it ‘not public’ and 2-another website to house our stuff, and then password it, since we can´t send zipped files to WordPress.

  2. guarany says:

    Yes, Dyego.
    I am trying to workout the SIMPLEST way to do it so everyone can get cracking soon.



  3. gringomaclure says:

    Possible solutions for storing (but these are just ideas) could be : 1) have a list of known tags that people use for example, warmer, present perfect, comparatives etc. The list could be displayed on the sidebar for reference. If we include a search widget then people could type in keywords and get all the activites for that tag irrespective of which level they were categorised in. (You could also use the “tag cloud” widget which would enable people to see what tags have already been used and have content).

    Or, 2) I haven’t tried it but it may be possible to have a second parallel category list Therefore, people could store posts firstly by level then by activity type categories and click on either of the relevant widgets in the sidebar.

    This all sounded a bit more complex then it was supposed to. Perhaps, it’s better if I talk to you cara-to-cara Fernando!

  4. guarany says:

    Thanks for all the brain work, Dave.
    We can talk cara-to-cara whenever you get the time.



  5. Kel says:

    Well guys … this all sounds good. Unfortunately, as I tried to access Steve’s link for the technology activities, it asked me for a password and mine didn’t work! I tried both my wordpress password as well as my nlink password as I saw that the link was hosted at nlink (I think). So now I’m really confused. Does this have anything to do with the passwords we wanted to set up for WordPress? or is there another password I need to access this link of his? Can anyone help me?

  6. guarany says:


    I’ll let you know password at Cultura.

    God bless


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