The Alphabet Worksheet

The Alphabet Worksheet

I hope this works out all right as a file uploaded from my computer. Let me know if it doesn’t.

This is a worksheet to be used with young children as they learn the alphabet.

In my case, I wrote the entire alphabet on the White Board (WB) and sang the alphabet song through once for them to listen. (PRESENT)

We then drilled each letter until they had a pretty good hang of the letters, and sang the song through twice. Then, I drew the different symbols – 1 for each category – on the WB and elicited which category each letter should go in, according to the sound of each – from A to Z. When we finished the whole alphabet, we went back and drilled the letters from each category. To drill once more, we sang the song through all together. (PRACTICE)

Finally, I handed out this worksheet for them to copy the letters (and the lyrics of the song) from the WB (PRODUCTION).


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  1. guarany says:

    Thanks, Rachael!

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