Bits and bobs

Just to say that I think Fiona and Alberto will let us do a short training on using this starter page at the in-service on the 3rd April. I’m happy to do this – any questions, comments, suggestions let me know! It would be great if we could get everyone on here using it regularly.

If your students ask you for more practice on listening you can direct them to the excellent site which has short lectures on a variety of topics. Useful for FCE, CAE and TOEFL students especially. In fact, I have taken one lecture and written multiple choice questions on my student site here. You are welcome to use my questions but you will need to ask me for the answers! You could set this is an alternative-style homework.

There is this guy on YouTube called rx2008 who makes very funny films about politicians. He often takes their words and rearranges them into popular song. See below for Tony Blair singing “Should I stay or Should I go” by The Clash. There is also one of George Bush singing a version of R.E.M.’s “It’s the end of the world as we know it!” and other Politicians singing John Lennon’s “Imagine”. rx2008 is quite an artist – but I am not sure how much good English content there is! Worth a look here if you get the time.


One Response to Bits and bobs

  1. guarany says:

    Cheers, Dave.

    Rx2008 is really a genius in his own right!
    I’m sure I’ll be able to “use Tony Blair ” in one of my lessons. . .

    Fernando Guarany Jr

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