Achmed, the dead terrorist

This video is about Achmed, a dummy terrorist controlled by the ventriloquist Jeff Dunham. There’s a “true or false” activity attached. Before playing the video, it would be a good idea to explain who Clay Aiken (pop singer) and Lindsay Lohan (actress) are, as well as what Verizon (cell phone company) and Prius (car) are. There are pictures bellow the true&false statements.

Here`s the video:

Video with English subs: 

Activity and pictures:




2 Responses to Achmed, the dead terrorist

  1. guarany says:

    Cheers, Daniel.

    My Master 1 sts and I watched it together tonight and couldn’t help but chuckle. Great fun!

    God bless,

    Fernando Guarany Jr

  2. coffee says:

    Jeff Dunham is perhaps the greatest ventriloquist on earth… or at least the funniest

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