Dave’s site

September 27, 2007

Sorry to shamelessly self-promote, but I included my student website in the blogroll. Sometimes I put interesting videos or pictures or good work from my students on there. Any ideas/ sugestions gladly welcomed!


Rockin´on thursday

September 22, 2007

After a hard-working day (week), it´s been so nice to hug my guitar and play to rock classics, specially surrounded by good players as Daniel and Dave. Our Jam sessions are so nice, and we have lots of fun- maybe a band being born? who knows, the only thing I can say is that I ´ve come home tired and happy these last 2 thursdays.

Cultura Inglesa and Friends Jam sessions take place in Mirassol, in a studio close to “Gran Bingo Natal”. D´you play any instrument? sing? clap hands? whistle? Go find us! =)

ps: My links are already in the “start!” page, post yours there, or send them to any of the managers, ok?


September 20, 2007

Greetings, ELT pros!

Here’s a website I use once in a while and where quite interesting stuff can be found now and then.


God bless,

Right on!

September 18, 2007

So our weblog is oficially on-line! Put it on your favorites, keep visiting and updating, because  this is our portal, and from now on, members are able to put their links on Start! session (with a little description, yeah?) . You can also right nice things that happens in your classes and at school, post pics, videos and all the stuff mentioned on the previous post.

Thank you teachers for the support and support. =)

Dyego Saraiva.


September 5, 2007

This is the main page. Here we can post things about the school; good things we did in class, upload pictures, videos; reminders to Sts…

On the “Start” page (upper right) we teachers can link our web stuff and write a little description about them.

About page“: a permanent page which we can write about ourselves (?).

All right, this layout is just a theme I liked but it can be changed.

Any problems, call us up (Fernando, Dave and me). This week I´m gonna check your subscriptions and organiz(s)e the things for , finally, call up Sts to visit.

I Think that´s it. It´s almost 2:00 and at nine I´m watching the F1 race. =)

See you, all!

Dyego Saraiva.

Ps: For subscribing on WORDPRESS you need to click here and fill in the form.