April 6, 2010

Hello, 2010!

I’ve been searching for some sounds for an activity dealing with actions and I found this great website, there you can find sounds for almost everything, try ‘tap dancing’ for example, and there you go!

example of activity:

– Have sts guess what the people are doing as for practicing the Present Continuous Tense.

What other activities can we do? Write them in Comments!

An A-Z of ELT – Scott Thornbury’s New Blog

December 8, 2009


Here’s great news: Scott Thornbury, leading ELT author and writer of recently published “Teaching Unplugged”, has just started his own blog, An A-Z of ELT at And he kicks it off with D is for Drills by asking two very important questions,

“Have drills disappeared? And, if not, how can they be used “optimally”?

So, why don’t you pay Scott a visit and join the conversation?




December 4, 2009

The year is almost over there’s still time to congratulate all who took part in our SPELLING BEE!

“Don’t Forget the Pedagogy”

December 1, 2009

Hello, everyone!

Those of you who have known me for some time will know how deep into technology I am. On the other hand, I’m also probably as deep into ELT methodology. Much of my life revolves around these two “-ogies” and I’m interested in reflecting on how the first affects the latter and vice-versa. In my “Interactive White Elephant?” talks this year there have been great opportunities to gauge the reactions and attitudes of fellow teachers when probed (challenged?) in their pedagogical beliefs. Clearly such reflection and discussion are timely and welcome since more and more of us have incorporated different technologies into our teaching practices. What makes me wonder is how many of us have been doing so in a reflective manner.

Marisa Constantinides, an EFL teacher from Greece, has recently written an insightful post on the issue here. I strongly recommend reading her considerations and, as the end of the school year in Brazil draws near, muse on what our attitude and approach to technology x pedagogy will be in the coming year.

“Technology is wonderful when it is not the end but the means to education” [Marisa Constantinides]


Fernando Guarany

Royalty-Free Clip Art Collection for Foreign/Second Language Instruction

November 11, 2009

Hi, again!

Here’s a clipart collection I stumbled across while planning one of my lessons.It’s not a huge database, but you can surely make use of some of them. They’re all drawings (line art) of basic concepts like warm, cold, fast, plus verbs , nouns, etc. On their site you’ll also find link to other websites offering royalty-free cliparts for EFL instruction

The site is:

Have fun!

Fernando Guarany


Creative Writing Prompts

November 10, 2009


If you’ve sort of run out of ideas for writing practice, here’s a website with loads of [writing] topics to choose from:

You could possibly get your students to pick a number between 1-329. Then send them to the website.

Just an idea.


Fernando Guarany

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Reg and Lellow

November 2, 2009

Hi, everyone!

Following Dyego’s post on short stories, here’s a website I’d like to recommend: Reg and Lellow –

On their site you can find a series of “PowerPoint stories featuring the characters Reg and Lellow by Chris Roland. The stories have been designed to help young children learn English and can be used in class with pre-school, infant and primary levels.  As they have been written by an English teacher, they also have a number of pedagogical features to aid language acquisition, make in class storytelling as easy as possible for the teacher and story content easily integrated into schools’ English curriculum.”

Worth a visit.



number of pedagogical features to aid language acquisition, make in class storytelling as easy as possible for the teacher and story content easily integrated into schools’ English curriculum.